Transform your business by outsourcing your mailroom

Processing physical mail manually in-house is becoming a thing of the past in business. Put simply, opening and processing mail is a waste of your employees’ skills and time – valuable assets that could and should be being applied more productively.

This is where Digital Transformation Solutions, or DTS, a new division of Compu-Stor, can help. DTS takes your paper-based processes and coverts them into efficient and effective digital solutions. DTS makes the evolution to a digital mailroom easy for you.

We’ll manage your mail processes – the opening and sorting of your mail – so your staff can redirect their time and skills to more critical and rewarding tasks.

How our digital mailroom works

DTS will receive your mail under tight security surveillance at our secure scanning facility, where we open, prep, scan and index your documents. From there, we electronically route your documents directly to the intended recipient, who reviews, approves and processes them digitally.

The DTS digital mailroom service is the answer you need to rid your business of that paper that is endlessly – and indeed needlessly – entering your business. With the DTS digital mailroom you can manage any documents that are taking up valuable resources and space in your business

How does a digital mailroom help you?

  • Gives you an efficiency advantage over competitors who physically process mail
  • Removes low value, manual processes that drain resources
  • Expedites document processing and frees up resources
  • Electronically routes mail through your organisation
  • Removes bottle necks caused by manual processes
  • Frees up office space by reducing the space required to receive, process, sort and deliver high volumes of paper
  • Increases document security and confidentiality
  • Ensures all mail is filed correctly and not lost or misplaced

Email digital management

As well as physical mail, businesses and their staff are also inundated with emails every day, many of which have attachments such as invoices that need processing. These typically get forwarded around the office, dumped on the server or, even worse, printed and processed manually.

DTS can implement a digital email capture solution that can manage your document workflow and eliminate the need to save, print or distribute attachments manually. This end to end solution ensures accuracy, process improvements and reduces costs for manual steps.

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