Access to accurate records for operational and strategic reasons is important for businesses, as professional, accountable and reliable records management can enhance your overall productivity, efficiency and security.

After all, information is a powerful business tool, and electronic documents are the very lifeblood of modern organisations.

Information management is a wholistic strategy, incorporating business processes and practices that underpin the creation and use of information. Information management is the meaningful use of your data to make better business decisions.

There are several benefits that businesses can gain from implementing a systematic information management program. These include:

  • Controlling the creation, volume, redundancy, and growth of records;
  • Reducing operating costs through active management and intelligent outsourcing decisions; 
  • Improving overall efficiency and productivity;
  • Assimilating emerging records management technologies;
  • Ensuring compliance;
  • Safeguarding the business' vital information, including historical records;
  • Supporting enhanced performance and productivity of business processes; and
  • Enabling quicker and better management decision making.

Be Business Ready. Anywhere. Anytime.

To assist our customers in gaining the benefits of a wholistic information management system, Compu-Stor has developed CIMS, our own proprietary Complete Information Management System. CIMS  is a robust information management solution that facilitates a superior level of document storage and retrieval.

Our CIMS  information management solution delivers efficient, time-sensitive access to information, allowing professional practices to more efficiently organise and preserve information.

Information management is a business-critical function. To stand out in today’s competitive business environment, businesses need to constantly be on the lookout for efficiency and cost improvements.

Watch our introductory video to CIMS  or contact us today to organise your free CIMS demonstration.

Benefits of an information management strategy

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