Secure storage facilities

The safety of your records is of paramount importance to us. When you entrust us with your information, you can rest assured that it is being cared for in the right manner to meet your needs and privacy obligations. That's why we invest in secure, safe storage facilities at every warehouse.

Customers can rest easy knowing that we protect your records in our secure storage facilities from environmental risks. We provide complete security by reinforced 2.5m fencing, security gates, CCTV and restricted swipe card access. Other key security factors include:

  • State-of-the-art electronic alarm systems
  • 24/7 monitored security service
  • Advanced early warning smoke detection systems
  • Fire suppressant systems
  • Climate control monitoring to 21 degrees Celcius and 40 percent humidity
  • Dual air conditioning units that alternate daily to reduce workload
  • Four-hour fire rating on external doors

Compu-Stor is fully aware of the sensitive nature of archives. From paper to electronic data, all care is taken to store the items in the most appropriate conditions to suit each individual item and prolong the life of the item as long as possible. Flooding or water damage is controlled by keeping the items off the floor, and pests are controlled by way of traps and deterrents which are regularly maintained by a reputable, licensed oest control specialist.

Your record confidentiality assured

All Compu-Stor employees must comply with our stringent security requirements that include signing a deed of confidentiality at the time of recruitment. 

Our staff selection criteria states that all applicants, regardless of their position, must obtain a Federal Police Service clearance prior to recruitment. Employees are thoroughly trained in all aspects of privacy and confidentiality regarding data protection. We have in place a privacy policy which properly addresses the principles of the Australian Government privacy legislation.

Compu-Stor is able to provide a working area to enable customers to do onsite work, in a completely secure environment, where internet access, computers, printers and all other services required for onsite viewing and inspection are provided.

Ensuring the safety and integrity of your information

  • Entry into our premises is strictly monitored
  • Our premises are totally protected against intrusion by secure perimeter fencing and entrance by way of controlled security gate
  • State-of-the-art electronic alarm systems are linked to a reputable monitoring company via mobile data with a landline backup
  • Security systems are monitored 24 hours a day and arrangements in place for rapid patrol guard response
  • Advanced early warning smoke detectors and fire suppressant systems, with direct interface to the local Fire Brigade are installed in each of our warehouses