What price would you put on the information your business creates, saves and shares?

What about customer information? Could your business keep running if it lost all of its data? With that in mind, how important is data backup and recovery for the running of your business?

When placing a price on preserving your organisation's data integrity, it is important to recognise that the true cost to your business may occur long after you've repaired the initial damage. That's where data backup and recovery come in.

Recent research revealed that half of Australian small businesses surveyed had lost work due to not backing up files, documents and work, effectively. This failure to back up is costing the average Australian business up to ten percent of revenue in lost work product and business critical documents. Losing data can be catastrophic to any business.

Many of these same businesses said that this data loss had an impact on their professional reputation, and nearly half admitted they'd lost customer work because of not backing up.

Securing your information for long-term retrieval is not only beneficial, but mandatory for many businesses under Australian regulations and compliance. Compu-Stor offer secure data backup and recovery services, with online management so you can control your backup and access files as needed.

Secure Storage Facilities

The information on your backup tapes is critical to the ongoing effectiveness of your business, so shouldn't you protect it against theft, damage, and exposure to harmful environmental conditions?

All Compu-Stor data storage facilities include:

  • Purpose-built digital media vaults with double-reinforced concrete
  • Climate control and monitoring to 21 degrees celcius and 40 percent humidity
  • Dual air conditioning units that alternate daily to reduce their workload
  • Four-hour fire rating on external doors
  • Chubb FM-200 gas suppression fire systems
  • Secure swipe card access that is restricted to authorised personnel
  • Electronic alarm systems that are monitored 24/7

We don't just store backup tapes and media in our vaults. Many companies use these vaults to store other forms of electronic media such as VHS tapes, CDs, seismic tapes, DATs and even 9-track reels.

Disaster Recovery Planning

For a data recovery plan to be meaningful, it must ensure the "right" data is accessible. That is, data required by critical business processes and necessary for recovery, is identified, safeguarded against loss, and made available in an acceptable recovery timeframe.

ISO accreditation guidelines on disaster recovery processes also recommend that businesses store backup data at a recognised and approved storage provider. Moving data backups to a separate, secure, offsite location dilutes risk and protects against data loss caused by fire, water, or other natural disasters.

Compu-Stor can also implement a data backup rotation service. We ensure prompt and efficient delivery of the backup media to your premises, no matter whether it is daily, weekly, monthly or on an ad-hoc schedule.