Document Storage

In choosing the level of importance to place on document storage and data retrieval, ask yourself one thing – can I afford to lose my business-critical data and information?

For most businesses, the answer is no; information and records are key to delivering your services to customers and suppliers.

Compu-Stor offers document storage services scalable for all businesses, regardless of size and industry.

Having a file room full of archive boxes is simply inefficient in many ways. It takes up space, exposes your business documents to harmful environmental conditions as well as security risks. Finding the right record when you need it is another issue businesses face. If boxes have been stored with no system in mind, and little to no cataloguing or indexing, locating the right document can be a frustrating and time-consuming exercise, as well as a waste of valuable staff resources.

Compu-Stor are specialists in document storage services including document collection, secure transport, document scanning and capture, safe storage and retrieval, and ultimately, secure destruction.

Compu-Stor's document storage solutions allow you to store your valuable business records off site at our secure storage facilities. We have the room to store your records now and in the future, as well as the systems to make sure you can identify and locate your documents quickly and easily.  

Managing your document storage more effectively

Compu-Stor has everything you need for safe and efficient document storage and archiving; from large archive boxes to barcodes and scanners. Compu-Stor can provide you with the necessary tools and equipment, ensuring your documents will be well looked after, protected and easily found.

Once you have collated all your documents, Compu-Stor will arrange for their collection, bring them back to our facilities where they will be recorded into our system, and placed in our 24/7 monitored and climate-controlled warehouse.

Benefits of good document storage

Records management and document storage have far more benefits to an organisation than just being more organised. While records are vital for all businesses, they are also a drain on company resources. Records are as much a resource-intense feature of operations as are employees, facilities, and equipment. In fact, PRISM International, the global trade association for information management companies, estimate that about 90 percent of all white-collar activities focus on information management (eg: creating, storing, retrieving, distributing, etc). [1]

Clearly, considerable expense is required for this activity, and records management works to keep all aspects of these functions as economical as possible. Records should earn their keep, and records management makes sure that they do.

Managing your documents and files is essential.

  • Improved office efficiency and productivity - Know where your documents are and how to easily retrieve them. Every single person has their own way of filing, and if you have several different people responsible for handling and organising files, you will very quickly find there are several different filing methods being used in the one workplace. Compu-Stor have a fail-safe standard system in place that is deployed across all customers, making the retrieval of requested files and documents far more efficient.
  • Reduced cost of doing business - One of the largest costs associated with in-house document storage is not the cost of keeping it on premises, but the cost of time wasted trying to locate documents. Optimising productivity effectively lowers your cost of doing business.
  • Improved access to documents - Compu-Stor customers have access to our easy-to-use, instant and real time online records management system, CIMS.
  • Better use of office space - Office space isn't cheap. Most offices simply don't have the space for designated filing cabinets. Resist the urge to keep files that aren't in active use in desk drawers or spare cupboards. 
  • Safeguarding of confidential information - Compu-Stor take document security seriously, with storage facilities offering the highest level of security. Our facilities are fully fenced in and secured with intercom, security camers (24-hour surveillance) and gated entrances with checkpoints along the main driveway.

Effective document management needn't be difficult. Compu-Stor have safe and secure comprehensive storage capacities for every type of document storage, including environmentally and security controlled areas. We also offer customers an online management system which allows authorised users to securely access their documents and information remotely over the internet.