Industry wide, there is much debate and scrutiny around reforming insolvency laws, and the industry, to ensure this sector is highly transparent and regulated.

Transparent and concise archiving and records management is just as important to demonstrate the credibility and accountability of the industry. The ability to clearly produce reports and cost breakdowns is an imperative part of this process.

As an ARITA member, Compu-Stor offers a robust information management solution that delivers insolvency firms efficient and time sensitive access to information, allowing businesses and teams to organise, operate and preserve information more efficiently. This Complete Information Management Solution (known as CIMS) allows for ultimate control of your records, where you can view and edit storage details, create work orders, generate reports, and view individual accounts and charges, all at the touch of a mouse.

CIMS lets multiple users log in at the same time, from the same customer account, allowing you to vastly increase your productivity.

Understanding the need for insolvency practitioners to report and measure on all aspects of their transactions, CIMS features a customised report that allows for all costs relating to document storage and services to be broken down easily by administration, delivering a simple way of placing the costs in the right place without any guess work. This is available in customer reporting on CIMS so it can be run by the customer at any point.

Compu-Stor has designed CIMS to help our customers across a wide range of industries spend less time and resources on their data, imagingi and records management functions, and more focus on their core business.


What happens when you are assigned a new client?

Are your resources getting tied down with administrative tasks? By outsourcing to Compu-Stor, we take away the headaches.

Compu-Stor has developed end-to-end information management solutions to support insolvency firms in servicing your clients. From packing and cataloguing client records through to offsite storage, digitisation and destruction, we can help relieve the burden of compliance requirements with our secure, ISO accredited services.

Compu-Stor has been providing information management services to a wide range of industries since 1987. At Compu-Stor we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of evolving business trends and expanding our service offerings to meet changing customer needs, as well as technological innovation. This drive and passion can be seen in the way our services have evolved in our records management business over the years.

Benefits of outsourcing

  • Remove and pack records onsite
  • Catalogue records to a box or file level
  • Store records at our secure, offsite facility
  • Provide secure facility to review records
  • Digitise records
  • Secure physical or digital delivery
  • Hosting 24/7 online access to records
  • Workflow automation
  • Securely destroy records


Call Compu-Stor


  • Quickly onboard your new clients.

    Compu-Stor’s experienced data entry team can attend your new client’s site to package and catalogue their records, taking the burden of the physical packing from your staff to allow them to focus on other tasks.

    The data will be quickly uploaded into our online management system, CIMS, to allow your staff to monitor the transition and see the details of records right from the beginning of the process, removing the guesswork and time wasted trying to find records.

  • Save space in your office with secure offsite storage.

    The safety of your records is of paramount importance to us. When you entrust us with your information, you can rest assured that it is being cared for in the right manner to meet your needs and privacy obligations. That’s why we invest in secure, safe storage facilities at every warehouse. Our facilities and services are ISO 9001 compliant, and our Victorian warehouse is APROSS certified by PROV (Public Records Office of Victoria). Our warehouses include climate-controlled vaults for media and high-security items.

    Storing your clients’ records in offsite storage allows you to save space in your office and control the access to the records. We are very proud of our facilities and welcome you to contact us to arrange a site visit.

  • An easy to use online management system.

    Our custom-built online management system, CIMS, enables your staff to view and order records both digitally and for physical retrieval, track your orders and view a complete history for each record and download reports at any time, day or night.

    Our flexible account structure allows you to separate your records by clients and/or case for easy on-billing and to assign permissions for each of your staff members to determine the level of access to these accounts.

    CIMS gives your staff the ability to search for records by the new or old box numbers and any of the metadata captured in the cataloguing process to make finding and retrieving records with little information an easy process.

  • Start your digital transformation journey.

    Scanning is just the start of the story. Digital transformation can accelerate business performance.

    Digital transformation transitions static business document processes into a digital format which helps streamline internal process and improves business efficiencies.

    Digital Transformation Solutions, or DTS, is a division of Compu-Stor that tailor makes digital solutions so your business can utilise digital transformation to create better customer experiences and increase process efficiencies.

  • Securely destroy obsolete records.

    Compu-Stor offer secure, offsite solutions to take away your documents to our state of the art document destruction facilities, as well as bulk collections of documents for destruction. You can request in writing that archive boxes, files or data tapes held at our facilities be destroyed.

    All items held in storage may be allocated with a destruction review date, and reports providing details of items due for destruction are available via CIMS or directly from Compu-Stor. We also provide Certificates of Destruction upon request and confidentiality of all items is guaranteed.

    The audit history is retained on CIMS for destroyed records, so you can always refer to the history to view the transactions.