Enhance Workflow Process with a Document Imaging Solution from Compu-Stor

If you run a successful business, or you are planning to grow and develop your business venture, then you will probably know there will be plenty of paperwork to deal with as your business and client base grows. Managing this can, at times, be overwhelming and stressful especially during your initial stages of growth. Suddenly you have new clients that need to be onboarded in to your system, and the processing of invoices and purchase orders begins to increase. This can sometimes be chaotic as you try to adjust your processes to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and all the paperwork and checkpoints are being adhered to. Yet if your business is currently using manual methods and physical documents in their processes, then there is potential for this to go wrong, slow down or go missing. A study carried out by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) has shown the amount of time taken to find a document, that’s misplaced or lost, is about $150 when estimated in monetary terms, and this statistic is tied to the fact that the document is ever found.

To save yourself the stress and money associated with losing documents, implement a digital focused solution that will assist with the management of internal process and compliance. Why would you need such a solution?

  • No more missing documents
  • No more rummaging through filing cabinets for one piece of paper
  • No more cashflow issues due to misplaced or lost invoices and purchase orders
  • No more wasting resources (your staff) looking for or chasing up documents

Sounds like utopia, right? Well it’s now a reality thanks to Compu-Stor.

Implementing a digital workflow process and a document imaging solution will have your business running at maximum efficiency in no time. Imagine being able to start an on-boarding of a new client and being able to track its progress all from your computer. Once a person digitally signs off on their part of the process, the system automatically sends the digitised document on to the next person in the process, notifying them instantly. Also, as all documents and processes are digitised and can be accessed through our online portal, there is no hold-up in workflow as it can all be accessed from anywhere in the world that has internet access.

Compu-Stor can create a tailored digital workflow system that will seamlessly fit with your business. Whether you just need a document imaging solution, or a fully digitised workflow solution, Compu-Stor will be able to create anything you need, and some things you didn’t know you needed all with efficiency in mind.

Why do Perth businesses need document imaging services?

Document imaging services in Perth also assist with storage of data, data backup, system troubleshooting, installing and configuration of the system, and also staff training so they can easily navigate the portal to request and retrieve archived documents.

Small, medium, and large businesses can benefit greatly from using a Perth based document imaging solutions company to help manage their business-critical documents and information.

Yet individuals and sole-traders who deal with lots of paperwork in their daily lives can also benefit from using a document imaging service to keep files like tax returns, applications, receipts, and even their Will, for that extra peace-of-mind.

Benefits of using a Document Management Solution

Apart from your company experiencing high returns on investment, there are also numerous benefits for your company when you implement a document imaging/ scanning solution.

  • It helps you to save costs. The cost associated with finding a lost document is close to $150. Our document imaging solution allows users to search for their documents easily, which means money is saved in the long run.
  • It secures your files and documents from any security threat. The safety of your documents is very important and with a document imaging solution, you are securing your files from external threats in various ways. Document imaging gives users a custom portal and password with which they can access their documents, while protecting against unauthorised access.
  • It helps you recover from any disaster fast. If you use a paper filing system, there is no assurance your documents will be safe during and after a disaster. There is also the concern of wear-and-tear associated with storage, such as rodent infestation and environmental conditions within your storage area. Digitising your documents provides an extra layer of protection by having them backed-up to the cloud, should a natural disaster befall your business or our data and storage centres.

Choosing the Best Document Scanning Company in Perth

Carry out a google search on ‘document scanning company near me’ or ‘affordable document scanning services in Perth’, and you will discover there are numerous companies offering online document imaging and document scanning solutions. If you want to save time searching for a document imaging company, simply search for Compu-Stor. Compu-Stor is a document imaging service provider with offices all around Australia, including Perth. With over 30 years of experience in this industry, Compu-Stor can transform all your paper documents into a digital format and provide you with access from anywhere across the world where there is internet access. Compu-Stor also offers a wide range of services which help you to manage you documents effectively and efficiency. Some of these services include, but is not limited to, document imaging, document management, secured cloud hosting, and a remote back-up solutions that protects you against unanticipated disaster.

Contact us today to talk to the experts in document scanning and imaging in Perth.