The Best Document Scanning/Imaging Company in Melbourne

In the past, businesses depended heavily on paper documents to carry out their day to day operations. Activities like recording transactions, issuing of receipts, preparing accounting records, sending letters, and even communications within the organisation were paper based. This often resulted in a situation where large organisations have more paper documents than they can ever handle, which can increase the risk of loss and mismanagement within the business.

Today, the story is different, as technology has introduced ways for companies to communicate digitally and reduce the number of physical documents floating around the office. While computers are now able to handle most tasks and processes within a business, and most documentation is now digitised, what happens to all the documents that span the last 20 years?

One of the fastest growing trends in business is that of digital transformation. At Compu-Stor we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of records digitisation, and our scanning/imaging solutions are specifically designed to convert your physical documents to electronic ones. As a digital file they will be stored on our internal servers, where through your unique online portal log in, they can be accessed from anywhere in the world where the internet can be accessed, without leaving your chair.

Advantages of using the best Document Scanning Solution in Melbourne

For a business’ longevity, issues like misplacing paper documents, information theft, leaked information, and the mishandling of paper documents, are things that need to be stamped out as soon as possible. The survival of the business depends solely on the flow of information and in their paper form documents are easily removed, lost or stolen. There are many advantages your business will derive from working with Compu-Stor, one of Melbourne’s best document management providers, including:

  • Easy access to your records and data digitally. Our document imaging solutions convert your document from its paper form to electronic form. The document is then saved in a format that is compatible with your computer so that you will be able to access it from anywhere on the country.
  • Document imaging helps your business to maintain productivity and improve performance. Document scanning is designed to take the burden of handling physical documents away from employees. This then gives them room to be more productive as they can focus on the core area of the business and improve organisational performance in the process.
  • You can outsource bulk scanning of your documents to one of the best document imaging providers in Melbourne. Our experienced imaging teams can handle bulk document projects without error and with minimal human intervention thanks to our state-of-the-art high speed scanners.

Features of Document Imaging/ Scanning Software

Some of the features that you will find as part of the components in a document imaging solution are:

  • Metadata: The digital scanning software must be able to capture data effectively. This data will include the date the data was scanned into the system and the details of the user that made the information available on the system. The metadata helps users to track the information using specific keyword or details that they may have been provided with.
  • Integration feature: The document scanning software must be able to integrate easily with other applications that is being used within the organisation. This will enable smooth uploading and transfer of documents.
  • Storage and Indexing: There is a significant relationship between document scanning and storage. However, a good document scanning solution ensures that your documents are stored and indexed appropriately.
  • Cost effective: A good document imaging solution is designed to make workflow easier, therefore saving time and money searching for documents. At Compu-Stor we efficiently scan your documents without compromising on quality.

Choose the Best Document Scanning Service in Melbourne

If you carry out a Google search on the best document scanning company near me, you will find that there are lots of Melbourne based document imaging businesses, but none of these organisations have the skills and experience that Compu-Stor offers as an end-to-end information management solutions provider. The software we use is the latest state of the art technology so you can relax knowing that Compu-Stor will provide you a service that can cater for high volume and high quality document imaging.

Contact us today for more information on how Compu-Stor can assist your Melbourne based business with document imaging.