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Document scanning and imaging is a branch of information technology that deals with the almost exact replication of documents used in businesses. Systems capable of handling these processes do so using different hardware such as the on-demand printers, copiers, multifunction printers, document scanners and so on.

The digital transformation of many businesses might seem like a threat to paper-based operations in the modern business world, however, paper is still one of the most valuable resources that help run a successful business even in the midst of a digitisation revolution.

The use of digitisation to bring about state-of-the-art document scanning and imaging is an essential requirement for a business on the go. Scanning documents, converting them into digital formats and having access to them and the ability to send them across the globe has made the way business is done a lot simpler, more secure and easy to store. The best part of this form of document handling is that documents can be made accessible to selected individuals, staff members and departments, and not a party who should not have access to them.

Compu-Stor’s on-demand document scanning and imaging services near me offer customers a timely solution for scanning and accessing the images of documents of importance done remotely. The digital access solutions and services provided by Compu-Stor are carried out using a fully integrated document management system, and your scanned documents can be uploaded into this system making it available for your use online, whether you need to print, fax or share via email.

Compu-Stor's document scanning and imaging services opens up your company to state-of-the-art document scanning technology, helping you digitise your document with high precision and accuracy. This gives you the know-how to preserve the integrity of your documents and increase the ease at which your documents can be found and shared. We also provide you with the opportunity to make use of our data management solutions to ensure the effective use and storage of your priced documents are guaranteed.

Compu-Stor’s easy processes make us the best document scanning and imaging specialists in Sydney, providing our customers with high-quality document scanning and imaging to allow you to run your business effectively in real time online records management systems (CIMS).

Scanning and Imaging Services Reducing the Events of Misfiling and Loss of Important Documents

There are often cases whereby an important document goes missing, hampering the preparation for a meeting or presentation. These documents could be lost forever or found at a later date when they are completely useless. According to research, over 7% of documents get misfiled while 3.5 % hard copy documents get lost completely. Digitally converted documents are easy to locate and access without having to experience loss of information, or having documents slip to the bottom of a filing cabinet.

Providing Security and Reducing Information Breach Via Secure Channel Document Scanning and Imaging Services

Companies can often experience major security breaches when files are left laying around in odd places or on office desks. Anyone can access them, even for a few minutes, which can make your company vulnerable, and this can pose a huge problem. Scanning and imaging services pre-empt this occurrence, ensuring information such as financial reports, business contracts, employee and client records and so on are not compromised.

Scanning and Imaging Services Save Businesses Time and Money, As Well As Increases Productivity

Finding documents swiftly is not only timely, but it also saves companies money in the long run. Having a scanning and imaging service undertaken to convert paper documents to electronic copies that can be accessed easily can save a company up to $50,000. Digital documents can be searched and found easily via an online information management system, saving employee and company time and helps reduce distraction and thus, increasing productivity.

Provision of Easy Access Makes Document Scanning and Imaging Services Worthwhile

Most employees and employers use emails to share important information between teams, departments, clients and so on. It is only logical to have documents converted to digital copies, stored in one location allowing those with approval, access to these documents making the company run in the most effective manner.

Partner with Compu-Stor for High Quality Document Scanning and Imaging Services

Compu-Stor offers document imaging and scanning services not only in Sydney, but nationwide, using our state-of-the-art equipment that works speedily and can handle a high volume of documents. Our high speed scanning facilities handle millions of documents within a short period converting them to digital copies in no time.

Compu-Stor also offers bulk document scanning and imaging for micro files, large format documents, books and rare and confidential information.