Document Management/ Information Management Perth

The majority of organisations, regardless of their structure, were formed primarily with the aim of making money through ongoing growth. As your business continues to experience growth, you may find you are offering new services, products and dealing with an increasing amount of businesses from various industries. Therefore, as your business expands, so too will your database, business critical information, and your paperwork.

What does this mean? It means there will now be a major aspect of your business you’ll need to pay close attention to: document and information management. Australian businesses today process far-more information and documents then they ever have before. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a system in place that will make retrieval and compliance easier. Whether it’s physical or digital, every business needs an efficient and scalable document and information management system in place. This system will help you manage, store, and most importantly retrieve documents easily with minimal fuss.

Compu-Stor’s Complete Information Management System (CIMS) is ideal for companies who have many staff that need to retrieve documents or are remotely based around Australia. The CIMS portal can be used by multiple users, under the one account simultaneously, due to the portal being internet based. This means that you will be able to access any document you need from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

In-built security and logging systems reduce document security threats, and also help you to gain control over document flow, access, and movement of the document within and outside the organisation.

There are many businesses that offer document management services in Perth, however, before you choose one, it’s always best to research the company and their products prior committing to anything. You not only need a system that will fit your business like a glove, giving you all the features and benefits you need, but have a company that will provide the level of support to ensure the system runs efficiently.

Work well as a Team with a Digital Document Management System

When you run a business, it’s essential that your team is able to function at their best and there is nothing causing a bottleneck to the workflow. One such problem usually revolves around document retrieval. When your company is either using an antiquated physical filing system, or they have archived physical files offsite and any time you need a document a request needs to be sent off and you have to wait days for them to be sent in, it is costing money in time and resources.

With Compu-Stor, part of our document management system includes document imaging, which is the conversion of a physical document in to a digital file. These files are then kept securely on our on-site server for when you need them. Any company that opts-in for this feature is given access to our CIMS portal, that allows users to access files that have been digitised, from anywhere in the world.

Having your files digitised and easily retrieved through the internet means you reduce the potential possibility of theft, loss or duplication of the document by unauthorised personnel. In fact, you can set up your CIMS account to have varying levels of security that ensures anyone who does not have the right credentials cannot gain unauthorised access to confidential information. In order to prevent these threats, your online information management solution comes with a collaboration feature that gives you the ability to share documents with your team members without stress. Users can access documents and share with other members of the team for their actions whether they are available in the office or 6000km away from the office.

Say Goodbye to Document Filing Related Stress

The more developed your business becomes, the more documents you will be required to work with. Implementing an online information management system can help ease the burden on your employees, taking away the stress related with filing large number of documents, and enable them to concentrate on other strategic areas of the business. Every document management solution should come with a filing feature that is well structured and easy to use. It should have folders, catalogues, and even tabs that help you file all your documents in an organized way so that it is easy to track and retrieve anytime the document is needed.

Enhanced Productivity and Efficiency

Data and Information sharing within any organisation takes a whole lot of time which affects the level of productivity and efficiency in the organisation. With an electronic records management system in place, the time that employees take to search for documents will be reduced which means your staff have more time to do more business-related activities. Compu-Stor’s Complete Information Management System (CIMS) stores all your documents in one central location so that it can be easily accessed by users of such documents.

Advanced Security and Storage features

At Compu-Stor, our online document management system has been custom built with the latest technology by our internal IT team. Data security is a key feature of our internet based system, so you can relax knowing your documents are being stored and secured with latest in security techniques protecting all your important information. This state-of-the-art system employs multiple layers of security which ensure that your data will be protected, and along with our back-up services, your data will be safe even when there is a power outage.

The best Information Management Solution Provider in Perth

Compu-Stor is your comprehensive and experienced information management solutions partner. We started out in Perth back in 1987, and to this day, pride ourselves on providing quality document and information management services to businesses, not only throughout Perth, but also across Australia. Furthermore, Compu-Stor is at the leading edge of innovation within the records management industry, and work with our customers to constantly improve and expand our service offerings to meet changing needs.

Contact us today to discuss how Compu-Stor can help you manage your business critical information as your company grows.