COVID - 19 Update

Like everyone we are closely monitoring the events around the world and more so in Australia. As we receive updates we are regularly reviewing our State’s and customer requirements.

Customer Service is still a primary focus and ensuring you are receiving what you need to operate your business. Our current position;

  • All Compu-Stor sites remain fully operational and are maintaining service requirements

  • While we are maintaining our standard SLAs we would like to call out that some delays may occur during this unsettled time. Any major concerns will be shared as they arise

  • Our CIMS online management system is the best way to request items or make contact with us.

  • We are still providing our physical delivery service, however, if you are concerned about maintaining social distancing, or if your workforce is now working remotely, Compu-Stor can deliver your records to you via Scan OnDemand if you wish. Please contact us if you would like to utilise this service. Given the current climate, we are waiving all setup fees for Scan OnDemand.

  • If your business can no longer handle your incoming mail, we also offer a Mailroom service including mail receipt, opening, scanning and delivering electronically. Please contact us if you would like to utilise this service.

  • If your business has implemented security and or health and safety measures, or if you are likely to be shutting down, please let us know so we can keep our team updated.

We continue to keep our team updated with the most recent information from the below site:

We would like to thank our customers for their understanding and help in keeping each other safe and well during this pandemic. Compu-Stor is here to help if you have any questions please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are aware that there are many emails from companies updating their customers during this time which can be inhibitive, as such, will be posting all future updates to this page rather than via email.

To stay up to date with information relating to COVID-19, click the latest announcements button below.

We Have A new workplace management policy

In accordance with the health advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO), we have amended our workplace management policy to provide the safest possible workplace. Our workplace management agreement can be viewed here.



Compu-Stor has a number of unique services available to clients that help make doing business at home so much easier. Two of our core services that help to keep businesses functioning include:


FAQ – Can I have my records/files/documents scanned and sent to me?

Retrieving your records from our facilities can be done digitally by utilising our existing service – Scan OnDemand.

Your CIMS site is all set up and ready to go.

Within CIMS you can;

  • Request physical or Scan OnDemand (Digital) deliveries

  • Specify the image requirements to ensure compatibility with your existing systems

  • Retain the images within CIMS for the next time you want them

Not using CIMS?

No problem you can easily get up to speed with our online site or speak to us about how you’d like the images delivered. Delivery options are;

  • CIMS – we can setup your site very quickly

  • Email – subject to the file sizes

  • SFTP (sounds techy but its easily setup)

  • Dropbox, MS Teams, SharePoint or similar

  • Other – we have a range of solutions so please don’t hesitate to ask

Already using CIMS and want to switch to Scan OnDemand?

Contact us via 1300 559 778 or speak with your contact and we can show you how easy it is.



Outsourced Mailroom Services Available Now – For Your Urgent Attention

Compu-Stor and DTS have been approached by a number our of customers to immediately setup up Mailroom Services (both temporarily and on-going) to ensure ongoing management of inbound documents.

We have streamlined our implementation procedures and are able to respond quickly to your requirements. If you’re already working with our CIMS online application, the setup is fast and easy to use. If your company is using our document workflow solutions, we can establish a new Inbound mail project within your current licencing.

To maintain the safety and wellbeing of our broader community whilst still achieving business continuity for our customers, a number of Compu-Stor services including Scan OnDemand have been well received. Compu-Stor also offers a mailroom service as a solution for customers who are unable to operate from their normal business location.

Access to your correspondence remains as important as ever and should you find yourself wondering how to service your customers when your work force is working remotely, our basic mailroom services and implementation includes these 4 simple steps:

  1. Mail redirection can be established so that your mail can be collected by our courier and delivered to our secure facility

  3. Our digitisation team will open, sort and scan the contents of each mail item

  4. If required, high level metadata can be captured for each mail item to suit your business requirements

  5. Resultant images and metadata can be made available to you electronically via SFTP to ensure both security of your mail items and to allow you to provide access to your home based workforce

If you require a more complex mail room solution, please contact your Account Manager.

To discuss your business requirements and how an electronic mailroom can keep your business functioning during this time, please contact your Account Manager or our Customer Service team.