Over the last 15 months, we have developed a strong relationship with Compu-Stor. A company that truly does live up to its values. No matter how big or small the task, the team has always been able to deliver on time. Not only have we been impressed with their great turnaround time when requesting tasks. The company has kept themselves on the frontline in the market with their online system which enables its clients to request tasks and view contents without the hassle of picking up the phone. We look forward to taking our relationship to a new level and working closely with the team at Compu-Stor. Veritas Advisory

Just wanted to say how impressed we were with the solution to search/download work orders that Amanda demonstrated this morning.  It is great that you listen and respond to your customers so that new technologies can be implemented with both client and provider needs addressed.  This will make the transition to digital receipts much easier for VLA allowing us to keep track of who has ordered what before the deliveries arrive.  Very impressive Records and Information Coordinator, Victoria Legal Aid

From our initial contact with Jeremy and the DTS team in Melbourne, it was clear that they knew exactly what could (and should) be done with the significant amount of records that we needed to move to a digital space. The job was scoped, estimated and completed quickly, with documents uploaded straight into our digital record keeping system. I would certainly recommend Compu-Stor and DTS as an efficient and reliable company for any type of storage and digitisation needs. Operational Services Manager, Monash University

Thank you Compu-Stor , your attention to detail was second to none. Of all the digitisation companies we approached, Dale was the only representative who offered a site visit to assess our specific collections and archival needs. Policies and processes were thoroughly explained and where there were unforeseen issues, Dale and the Compu-Stor team were quick to communicate ensuring our project’s budget and timelines were only minimally affected. Local History Librarian and Liaison Officer, Local Government

We are so grateful that we have moved over to Compu-stor to a far superior service standard at an unbelievable discount in costs compared to what we were paying with our previous record storage provider. The transition was seamless and due to our level of box holdings we didn’t pay for the transfer costs. Since then we have invited a number of other firms we are associated with to Compu-stor to ensure they share the savings. Compu-stor provide excellent management reports, service level efficiencies and point to point contact - everything under one roof. We couldn’t have asked for a better storage provider.  Our expectations have been overwhelmingly exceeded. Registered Liquidator, Amos Insolvency

Hi Robert, I just wanted to let you know that since we have moved our books & records to Compu-Stor in May our bills have been reduced by 50%. On top of this great cost saving, your online system allows us to allocate the books and records to each of our clients. We now can re-charge over ¾ of our bill to our clients. The Partners are extremely pleased with the result. Cheers National Corporate Advisory and Forensics Firm

Hey Rob, The site is fantastic so easy to use!! The files that just have the barcodes and no other details belong to the really big matters and the main details I entered on the box description, usually if the lawyers can't get what they need from the file from our filesite system then prefer to retrieve all the boxes instead so I didn't need to label those ones with any specific details :) Legal Firm in the Perth Metropolitan Area

Hi Rob Thank you from Hayley and I for this morning’s meeting.  We came away with your enthusiasm for Archiving and Records Management (which quite surprised me). Corporate Administration Supervisor - Western Australian Minerals Producer

Hi there, FYI – feedback: This new Archive system is awesome and so efficient!!!!! Worth the money spent and the storage of files. I’m extremely happy with the system , especially with Deal packs and Sales Issues we have had. Thanks Senior Administrator, Vehicle Retailer

Hi Jeremy[CEO] along with the team here at [Company] would just like to give you feedback on what an amazing company and team you have. Your response to urgent retrieval of information whether it is electronic or hard copy has been great and far exceeds our previous company we have been using. So much so that [CEO] has provided this feedback to his wife whose company is going to change from their provider to your company in the near future. Again thank you and well done. National Aged Care Provider

YAY!!! OMG!!! You ARE AMAZING, Amanda!!! I really appreciate all your efforts and quick responses, I am a huge advocator of good customer service as it has become a rare thing, so having said that I would like to say .... THANK YOU!!! I hope you have a lovely weekend!! Another Happy Customer

Hi guys, I have tendered my resignation at ****. After 12.5 years, it’s time to move on to a new role with another company. Guys, it has been an absolute pleasure knowing and working with you. Thank you for all of your support during my years in Records. You are a fabulous team and I’ll miss you. Thanks again for everything Our Long-time Customer and Friend

Good afternoon Robert, I would just like to thank you for the amazing assistance you and your team have been even though we have been such a difficult and demanding client both on your son’s birthday and today. It really is much appreciated. When your driver picks up the first lot of archiving from here to add to the existing files there is a wee gift for you. Have a pleasant evening. A Grateful Perth Client

Hello Amanda, I am pleased to advise that the IT problems that were problematic here yesterday, have now been corrected. I have received all email order advice notifications this morning. Thank you to yourself and your staff for phone checks and email test messages. Pleased in Perth

I want to thank you Amanda for all your searching around for the file, I very much appreciate your assistance in this matter. Perth-based Client

Thank you Rob & Jeremy. Your vital, in kind support has assisted us in leveraging an estimated $3.5 million in pro bono legal assistance for disadvantaged Western Australians since 1 July 2015. CEO - Not For Profit Legal Assistance Organisation