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Have You Outgrown Your Office Space?

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Offices don’t look like they used to a few decades ago. The most notable change is less paper and more computers. Computers have allowed many modern offices to be less dependent on paper, but the digital revolution has been accompanied by a compliance revolution, with far more regulation imposed on companies than ever was in the past. Keeping your company compliant these days requires ever-increasing diligence. Ensuring you remain compliant by not accidentally throwing away critical paperwork is a source of sleepless nights for many business owners.   As a result, even in the age of digit...
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Secure Document Archiving Services in Sydney

Document archiving benefits
At Compu-Stor, we provide secure and comprehensive document archiving services for businesses of all sizes in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Our information management services improve the efficiency and security of your records management processes. Our document archiving service provides a reliable and efficient way to store business documents that get rarely used, but must be retained to remain compliant. Compu-Stor document management solutions eliminate common bottlenecks found in the typical office such as delays in retrieving documents when you need them delays in archiving and storing ...
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Efficient Document Archiving Solutions for All Businesses

Compu stor 1
At Compu-Stor, we provide comprehensive document archiving solutions. We enable businesses to store documents securely and in accordance with privacy and compliance requirements. Our state of the art document archiving processes ensures that critical business records are accessible anywhere anytime. If your company has documents that are not in use but need to be archived for reference or compliance purpose, then we have a range of solutions for you. We can archive your documents securely while providing rapid document delivery services. We also help organisations modernise their information m...
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Digital Mailroom Aids Business Continuity

Is your team all working remotely? Are you looking at ways to continue to operate your business and that mail is still coming in? Compu-Stor has a number of solutions to help you. Here’s a look at our basic mailroom services and implementation. Mail redirection can be established so that your mail can be collected by our courier and delivered to our secure facility Our digitisation team will open, sort and scan the contents of each mail item If required, high-level metadata can be captured for each mail item to suit your business requirements Resultant images and metadata can be made available...
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A walkthrough to Document Scanning Services in Sydney

team work
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In an ever competitive market in a global city like Sydney, going digital is inevitable. Most businesses are embracing digital evolution for basic and even complex processes and workflows and this transformation is unstoppable. Missing this opportunity means a loss for your business. Emerging markets demand more state of the art systems to keep up with the trend. One of the most common processes where businesses experience a beneficial digital practice is file storage. Document scanning services in Sydney are continuously on the rise because of the obvious efficiency and productivity benefits ...
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Is Your Business Ready for Offsite Document Storage?

old office
Why do businesses in Melbourne invest in offsite document storage? More companies are now starting to realise the benefits of offsite storage to save company resources, improve employee productivity and document security and prevent “file overload”. Read on to learn how to determine if your business is ready to outsource to a remote storage facility in Melbourne.  Why do businesses in Melbourne invest in offsite document storage? More companies are now starting to realise the benefits of offsite storage to save company resources, improve employee productivity and document security an...
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Why Partnering Up with a Document Storage Facility in Perth Could Be Your Best Business Decision Yet

Pros of partnering with a document storage facility in Perth
Risks of in-house record storage ● Expensive - Maintaining in-house document storage can be costly. From the salary cost of the administrative staff to manage the storage room and records to the cost of the physical office space and system and facility maintenance, the costs can grow as your business grows. Opting to outsource an offsite data storage facility in Perth can save you money and allow your staff to be better resourced to other tasks within the business.  ● Uncontrolled damage risk - Natural calamities are unpredictable and we as humans can only do so much about it. While we ca...
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Choosing an Offsite Document Storage Company in Perth: Important Considerations

Locally-owned and operated
Information Management Services
Keeping and maintaining company records is legally required in Australia. According to the Australian Securities and Investment Commissions (ASIC), all businesses are required to keep records related to their business operations for up to seven years.  But given the physical space and additional employee labour costs, it can be a strain on your overheads. Luckily, Perth is booming with smart solutions aiming to help companies in storing important documents at a meager rate. You’ve surely stumbled upon the idea of partnering with an offsite document storage company in Perth. The next step ...
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Remote Document Storage Solution's Relevance in Today’s Tech Forward World

Remote Document Storage
E-books, E-magazine, E-mail, E-banking, E-commerce just about everything nowadays are turned from atoms to Bits and this unstoppable transition is greatly lauded by the general population. First, it is more convenient as everything is now done through your mobile device, you don’t even need an actual laptop to pay your bills, get your daily dose of the news, or buy a new pair of shoes. In today’s digitised world, going to the supermarket, lining up in the bank or even meeting up with your Spanish tutor is now a thing in the past. Digital transformations are also known to contribute to the redu...
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Secure Document Storage: The Solution To Costly Data Breaches

Secure Document Storage
We have all heard about the eye-twitching incident back in 2017 when Washington State University’s backup hard drive was stolen in an 8-by-10 self-storage locker located in Olympia. The burglary cost the prestigious university hundreds of thousands of dollars and the confidential information of 1,027,079 people. What and how much would this institution would have saved if it made use of a secure document storage facility? A very valuable lesson was learned that day and businesses should know better than to keep their sensitive records in a storage locker with security made for old furniture an...
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Record Keeping – Major Challenges and Highlights

records keeping
The Public Record Office Victoria PROV has just undertaken a major report into their current record keeping practices of government agencies in Victoria. The report was created to highlight the record keeping challenges facing the public sector. The Victorian Government is currently producing more paperwork than they ever have before and the increasing amount of paper records requiring management is proving challenging. The (PROV) report looked into many of the challenges faced, below we have a look at six of the key findings. Risk Management Record managers in the public sector are responsibl...
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Moving to a New Office? Read this Document Cleaning Guide

moving office
Moving office is exciting! A new location, a new layout and new business contacts! Moving also presents an opportunity to evaluate the documents you need to store in your new office. There is no better time to do some spring cleaning and decide which documents you should take, which to shred and destroy, which to keep but digitised and which can go into long-term storage. However, this process can seem overwhelming if you approach it without a plan, so we have developed this document-cleaning guide to help you complete this task more effectively. Create a document inventory You probably never ...
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Why Businesses Choose Remote Storage Over In-House Document Storage

record storage
In-house record storage isn’t as popular today as it used to be, why? Simply because businesses today understand that the safety of their documents is critical to their business. As businesses across Australia realise the importance of protecting their records against unforeseen external threats, and the fact that in-house storage isn’t convenient, remote storage has become an excellent option. Remote storage facilities managed by professional document storage companies offer immense benefits. So why are businesses increasingly relying on remote storage over in-house document storage? Let’s ex...
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Paper Record Management – Best Practices

paper record management
The digital era has brought considerable changes in the way businesses store records and paperwork. Today, many companies are going digital to store paperwork. However, going digital can still throw a huge curveball your way. Just imagine the steps a single document takes around the office. It reaches a mailbox before being sorted by the receptionist. Then is sent to the accounts payable department, rests there for a few days before it’s opened, read and scanned, and sent to a filing cabinet. Until a day comes when there’s no space left for you to store any more documents, and you begin to rev...
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What’s new at Compu-Stor

It’s been an exciting quarter for Compu-Stor with new customers, new staff, a new location, and updates to our core products. Read on to find out what’s new at Compu-Stor.  Compu-Stor wins new Government customer We are proud to announce that we have recently signed the NSW Department of Justice as a new customer. The Department went to tender for records management services and selected Compu-Stor as their preferred provider due to our: unique ability to service their physical storage requirements; and our proposal to strategically plan and assist with rolling out their digitisationjourn...
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Record keeping tips for small business owners

Record keeping tips for small business owners
Australian businesses are legally required to keep financial records that: correctly record and explain its transactions and financial position and performance; and enable true and fair financial statements to be prepared and audited. The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) defines [1] “financial records” as including invoices, receipts, cheques, working papers and other documents needed to explain the methods by which a company’s financial reports are prepared. ASIC requires companies to keep the above-mentioned financial records for seven years1, which can be easier sai...
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Unlocking the benefits of digital records

Unlocking the benefits of digital records
Australian businesses of all sizes are gradually relinquishing paper documents and filing cabinets and embracing the many benefits of digital information management. It’s one thing to convert physical documents into digital form by having staff members scan documents and create digital versions of physical records to sit on a shared internal network or server within the business. But that’s just the start of transforming how you actually manage records in your business. Merely scanning physical documents doesn’t ease the pain points of poor records management – you still need a structured syst...
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Five questions to ask your records management solutions provider

Five questions to ask your records management solutions provider
Making sure you find the right records management solutions provider for your company’s records is a decision not to be taken lightly. After all, you are entrusting this company with the care and upkeep of a range of valuable documents such as customer records, taxation files, business insurance papers, etc.; that if lost would spell disaster for your business. And, the cost of not complying with state, federal and industry specific regulation around privacy, storage and destruction could spell disaster. It stands to reason that you should have questions for the business you choose. ...
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Why a document management system is superior to cloud storage

Fleet Management
Understanding document management systems and its functions While cloud storage is a method of storing information, the function of a document management system (DMS) is to deliver efficient and time sensitive access to information, allowing for files of any type to be stored and easily retrieved. Just like a filing cabinet can’t answer phones, cloud storage can’t truly manage your documents. Document management system integration A Document Management System is built to seamlessly integrate data capture, document storage, editing, workflow, and retention in a single platform. Electronic appro...
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Hybrid record management: All you need to know

Hybrid record management All you need to know
2018 marks 40 years since British-American information scientist Frederick Wilfrid Lancaster famously envisioned a “paperless society” in 1978. While the notion of a “paperless office” has been bandied about in business circles for most of the last decade, in 2018 a 100 per cent paperless office simply remains unachievable for many Australian businesses in certain industries.  Relinquishing paper and embracing digital alternatives enables businesses to streamline processes, reduce their impact on the environment, and cut costs. Generally speaking, Australian businesses are becoming less r...
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