Records management – A powerful business tool

Records management A powerful business tool
In business, we need every tool we can possibly use in order to gain that professional edge. Professional, accountable and reliable records management is one such tool that can enhance your overall productivity, efficiency and security. Modern businesses have access to a wide range of outsourced services, and  records management  is one such tool. Compu-Stor provides comprehensive record management solutions that are tailored specifically to the needs and requirements of your business. Compu-Stor can be a powerful business tool to every business that struggles under the weight of&nbs...
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Document storage rules your business can’t afford to ignore


There are some rules regarding document storage that are wise to adhere to; and in business these rules can result in the make or break of your venture.

So when it comes to document storage, what are some of the rules your business can’t afford to ignore?

  1. Commit to your process entirely
    Document storage is only effective if it is comprehensive. Half-hearted adherence to information management processes at a procedural level can spell doom for even the best-laid intentions. By fully committing to the ethos and process that is required by your chosen document storage strategy, you can ensure its success.
  2. Train every member of staff
    On the back of your commitment to document storage, you need to make sure that every person across your business model is also dedicated to maintaining it. Any small chink in the chain of the process can create an inconsistent result for the storage of your information. Training all of your staff comprehensively can alleviate any issues you have with holes in the systematic procedure.
  3. Manage performance
    Ongoing management of the performance of your document storage processes is essential as most businesses evolve and change over time. In order to maximise its efficiency and effectiveness, document and information storage should not simply be thought of as a ‘set and forget’ system.
    You can also utilise document storage as a business-wide performance management tool. Tying your staff’s KPIs and performance management to their adherence of central document storage procedures can act as an effective measure of their overall performance as well as ensuring that they are committed to your systems.
  4. Make sure your systems are giving you the results you need
    Document storage serves a very distinct set of purposes for each business. It is important to constantly monitor whether your processes are meeting your business needs for storage, retrieval and access.
  5. Test your systems
    Part of monitoring your systems should include random tests to make sure they are always working effectively. This could include retrieving relevant information at different intervals and then cross-referencing this against originals to make sure that the information is accurate, available and has maintained its integrity.
  6. Make sure you are ticking all the boxes
    Depending on the industry your business is involved in, you will undoubtedly have certain levels of compliance that need to be maintained. Storage of information is mandatory for all businesses so it is always advisable that you thoroughly investigate your obligations and make sure your storage solutions are conforming to them adequately.

Document storage can sometimes be a lot to manage, but it should not be overlooked as an integral part of your business function. That’s where Compu-Stor can help. We are constantly devising appropriate and efficient document strategies to help businesses meet their information management and compliance needs. We can comprehensively manage your document storage and will work closely with you ensure that it is always functioning, as you need it to be.

So to partner with an information management specialist, contact Compu-Stor today.

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Compu-Stor named finalist in Business Excellence Awards

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Compu-Stor is proud to announce its inclusion as a finalist for the  Hobson Bay Business Excellence Award.  As  one of the three finalists  in the  Transport and Warehousing  Category, Compu-Stor’s addition to the finalists list is in recognition of outstanding customer service and knowledgeable staff. The 2015 Hobsons Bay Business Excellence Awards celebrates inspirational local businesses that demonstrate  innovation ,  excellence  and  leading work practices . The awards also acknowledges outstanding local businesses with people who go above...
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Could your franchise business survive a data crisis?

[Excerpt from guest article by Dale Rockell, Compu-Stor State Manager NSW, posted to  Business Franchise Australia ] Business interruption  can take many forms and can happen to any business irrespective of size or business model set up. The effects would largely be the same,  potentially damaging your franchise, business reputation, respect from customers and suppliers, and even threatening the survival of your business. Most modern businesses back up computer systems and customer data to avoid the disaster that would ensue if your server crashed and the data was unre...
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