Document storage rules your business can’t afford to ignore


There are some rules regarding document storage that are wise to adhere to; and in business these rules can result in the make or break of your venture.

So when it comes to document storage, what are some of the rules your business can’t afford to ignore?

  1. Commit to your process entirely
    Document storage is only effective if it is comprehensive. Half-hearted adherence to information management processes at a procedural level can spell doom for even the best-laid intentions. By fully committing to the ethos and process that is required by your chosen document storage strategy, you can ensure its success.
  2. Train every member of staff
    On the back of your commitment to document storage, you need to make sure that every person across your business model is also dedicated to maintaining it. Any small chink in the chain of the process can create an inconsistent result for the storage of your information. Training all of your staff comprehensively can alleviate any issues you have with holes in the systematic procedure.
  3. Manage performance
    Ongoing management of the performance of your document storage processes is essential as most businesses evolve and change over time. In order to maximise its efficiency and effectiveness, document and information storage should not simply be thought of as a ‘set and forget’ system.
    You can also utilise document storage as a business-wide performance management tool. Tying your staff’s KPIs and performance management to their adherence of central document storage procedures can act as an effective measure of their overall performance as well as ensuring that they are committed to your systems.
  4. Make sure your systems are giving you the results you need
    Document storage serves a very distinct set of purposes for each business. It is important to constantly monitor whether your processes are meeting your business needs for storage, retrieval and access.
  5. Test your systems
    Part of monitoring your systems should include random tests to make sure they are always working effectively. This could include retrieving relevant information at different intervals and then cross-referencing this against originals to make sure that the information is accurate, available and has maintained its integrity.
  6. Make sure you are ticking all the boxes
    Depending on the industry your business is involved in, you will undoubtedly have certain levels of compliance that need to be maintained. Storage of information is mandatory for all businesses so it is always advisable that you thoroughly investigate your obligations and make sure your storage solutions are conforming to them adequately.

Document storage can sometimes be a lot to manage, but it should not be overlooked as an integral part of your business function. That’s where Compu-Stor can help. We are constantly devising appropriate and efficient document strategies to help businesses meet their information management and compliance needs. We can comprehensively manage your document storage and will work closely with you ensure that it is always functioning, as you need it to be.

So to partner with an information management specialist, contact Compu-Stor today.

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Best Practice Records Keeping Corporate Governance for Company Directors

Regardless of its legal structure, for all Australian businesses, the leadership or management team is responsible for ensuring that the organisation’s financial transactions and accounts comply with the law. Even if a treasurer in place or an external auditor is on board, the law is clear that members of the management committee of an incorporated association and the directors of corporations are directly responsible for making sure that the finances are accurate and up-to-date and accessible. Corporate governance is defined as the framework of rules and procedures by which the decisions in a...
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International Data Privacy Day – A time to highlight importance of privacy to Australian businesses

International Data Privacy Day A time to highlight importance of privacy to Australian businesses
Tomorrow is International Data Privacy Day, a day designed to raise awareness and promote privacy and data protection best practices. The Australian and New Zealand National Association for Information Destruction (NAIDANZ) has used this opportunity to ask companies to reflect on whether they are sure their sensitive discarded information is being disposed of securely. NAIDANZ Chairman Paul Hurst. “People and organisations need to be as security conscious in the destruction of documents and records as they are in protecting them on their premises,” he said. “Recent updates to the Australian Pr...
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Coming clean: Massive data breaches prompt new Bill for mandatory reporting

Data breaches
The prominent rise of hackers accessing large corporate data sources has created a completely different landscape for the data security industry. In response to this, the Federal Government has released an exposure draft of new mandatory data breach notification laws that will form part of the  Privacy Amendment (Notification of Serious Data Breaches) Bill 2015 . Earmarked to be implemented in the first half of 2016,  these new laws will mandat e that any business, corporation or government organisation must report the loss or theft of data that originates with them. This will m...
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Storage Wars: Offshore metadata retention may pose security risks

Storage Wars Offshore metadata retention may pose security risks
Under the new metadata retention scheme that is now in operation, people in Australia will have their metadata collected and retained for two years. The new mandatory metadata retention laws are being touted as an integral way to monitor and prevent organised crime and terrorist activity. Metadata capturing and retention has both its avid supporters and protestors. Whether you are of the opinion that this is an overly costly invasion of everyone’s privacy or simply a means to track those who should be tracked, the facilitation and storage of this scheme’s information bi-products is entirely qu...
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Why you need a plan to deal with a data crisis

Any interruption to your business could cost you dearly; in terms of lost revenue, reputation, and respect within the industry for failing to plan for such an event. It could even threaten the survival of your business in terms of decreased business productivity and invoicing. There are many possible events that can constitute a crisis and have a severe impact on your business operations. From natural occurrences such as flood, fire, rain or storm damage to man-made disasters such as theft, vandalism or loss of key staff; and then there are external threats such as acts of terrorism, supplier ...
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Top 5 reasons to outsource your document management

Top 5 reasons to outsource your document management
In the ever-expanding world of modern business, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume and commitment it takes to appropriately keep your records and information in order. Outsourcing your document management functions is the logical, but often daunting path to take. Here are the top 5 reasons why outsourcing document management is the smartest choice: Legal requirements  No matter what sector you are involved in, outsourcing your document management to a recognised and comprehensive information management service can significantly assist in adhering to your legally binding ...
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Giving insolvency practioners the tools they need for further transparency and accountability

Industry wide, there is much debate and scrutiny around reforming insolvency laws, and the industry to ensure this sector is  highly transparent and regulated .  Due to the core activities needed to carry out their duties, the insolvency industry may have an unfortunate reputation to the wider community. However, in reality, Australia is far better served by its insolvency regime and practitioners than most give it credit for. Insolvency practitioners, certainly those belonging to their professional body, the  Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association (ARI...
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Why Australian businesses need to develop a culture of privacy and risk management

Speaking at an International Association of Privacy Professionals Australia and New Zealand (iaapANZ) seminar in Sydney, NSW Privacy Commissioner Doctor Elizabeth Coombs told delegates that some organisations she visits don’t see privacy as a high priority. “More organisations in New South Wales need to establish a culture of privacy and risk management rather than ignoring the issue,” she told the delegates. While Coombs conceded that people might see privacy management as one of the “driest subjects ever”, she pointed out that if organisations don’t know what information they have, there is ...
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Why operating as an independent innovator is so important for Compu-Stor

The Document Management Services industry is made up of four major companies that account for more than half of the industry and then smaller, non-incorporated companies such as Compu-Stor. The reason for the dominance of these major players is not through outstanding customer service or security offers, it’s their aggressive strategy of buying smaller, innovative companies and swallowing up their customer base and technologies that is enabling them to grow. The strength and force of the major companies could make it difficult for some smaller companies to remain competitive, however, innovati...
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Product Spotlight: Document Conversion

Does your business have all of your important records and information readily available? More and more companies are looking to move into the digital age and are looking for ways to manage their information electronically.  With our help your information could just be a few clicks away. If you are thinking about converting your paper documents into electronic records, the first question usually asked is, “Should I scan my files myself, or should I outsource this process?” While many choose to complete this process in-house, outsourcing your document imaging projects to an experienced serv...
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Compu-Stor Expands

08022010 262 LR 300x199
Compu-Stor has grown enormously over the last few years; not only the major service centre and warehouse in WA, but new facilities in VIC and NSW. The opening of our new Belmont, WA warehouse has given us a central Perth based hub as well as increasing our storage capacity by 1 million boxes. Our Melbourne, VIC APROS approved facility also has continued to grow, offering a wide range of storage options and space for our clients. The newest addition for Compu-Stor is our Sydney, NSW facility. Based in South-West Sydney, this purpose built facility ensures the highest level of security and safet...
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A New Look for Compu-Stor

Van signs-lo
After being in business for over 35 years, we have decided to give the Compu-Stor logo a fresh look. While we are proud of our heritage and the fact that we’re still family owned, we have made some changes to our logo, and you’ll start seeing the new look on the Compu-Stor vans picking up documents and visiting our customers.
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Could your franchise business survive a data crisis?

[Excerpt from guest article by Dale Rockell, Compu-Stor State Manager NSW, posted to  Business Franchise Australia ] Business interruption  can take many forms and can happen to any business irrespective of size or business model set up. The effects would largely be the same,  potentially damaging your franchise, business reputation, respect from customers and suppliers, and even threatening the survival of your business. Most modern businesses back up computer systems and customer data to avoid the disaster that would ensue if your server crashed and the data was unre...
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Why do I need document storage when I have the cloud?

Cloud storage is certainly changing the face of data storage, and there are an increasing number of free cloud storage or online backup services available. Drop Box, Google Drive, One Drive are all great for sharing and storing photos, videos and personal files, however for efficient document storage and retrieval, they are not necessarily built for enterprise level businesses. Cloud storage is not necessarily a records management system; it simply allows you to store your records.  More robust records management systems are developed over many years’ experience in understand how records ...
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Thank you!

Compu-Stor would like to send out sincere thanks to all of our customers, colleagues and friends who have generously supported our two Charities of Choice by buying our archive boxes. We are very proud to say that we will be donating a massive $9,580.00 between YGAP and the Vinnies CEO Sleepout from our archive box sales over the past year. For more information on these charities, go to  or . Vinnies CEO Sleepout – Thursday 18 June There are now just two nights before Robert and Jeremy Manford join in this year’s Vinnies CEO Sleepout...
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CEO Sleepout Update

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 10.50.30 am
Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 10.50.37 am
There are now less than three weeks remaining until Jeremy and Robert Manford spend a freezing winter night outside to support the Vinnie’s CEO SleepOut. The competition has heated up between the boys to see who can raise the most money for this amazing cause, and right now Robert is in the lead. If you are in Western Australia and would like to see Robert keep in front of Jeremy,  click here  to donate. Victorians, get behind Jeremy and donate by  clicking here ! Every donation counts, and we’d like to thank everyone again for continuing to support Compu-Sto...
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Compu-Stor Are Proud To Be An Equal Opportunity

Compu-Stor are happy to announce that we are now working in conjunction with AIM Employment through the Autism Association of WA. We have recently employed a client through AIM Employment as a Warehouse Team Member; he is a responsible and hard working employee who has fit into the team well. Using this free service we have had the full support from an employment coordinator and access to one on one training for the client by the coordinator. We are very excited by our partnership with AIM and are looking forward to considering new opportunities to employ individuals with Autism. If you would ...
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