Be business ready. Anywhere, anytime – CIMS by Compu-Stor


Immediate access to your stored records is as important as the need for a good records management system. This may translate to simple retrieval, viewing of scanned documents, or being able to place multiple requests from various users.

Compu-Stor’s Complete Information Management System (CIMS) is a custom built, online records management system that allows customers to have ultimate control of records from their PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. CIMS is an online portal that helps a business control a seamless document management system from anywhere with internet access.

What is the value-add for a business to use CIMs?

CIMS is more than just a document retrieval portal, it is a full-service document management system.

Multiple User Access

Compu-Stor understands the need for efficiency, which is why CIMS was designed to allow multiple users from a single business the ability to access the portal using the one account. Multiple users, using the one account, can log-in simultaneously, ensuring maximum efficiency for your business.

Records and Scanned Documents

CIMS enables customers to be able to search for, and view, record information and scanned documents. The modern ‘office’ is becoming more flexible in terms of location. Whether it’s a bricks and mortar office, or a virtual office (café, library, shared workspace, and lounge room), CIMS allows easy access to scanned documents from any location, at any time.


Ease of access relating to multiple users and being able to retrieve and view documents at any time are vital features of CIMS. Businesses need to be scalable, flexible and adaptive to change, all in a timely manner. The ability to be able to amend information quickly can mean the difference between landing a contract, and being left to wonder where it all went wrong.

Detailed Information Keeping

Compu-Stor knows the value of keeping detailed records and information. Whether it be for internal audits, or security, the CIMS portal can give you access to the information you need. Through CIMS customers are able to generate and download reports, as well as search and view historical activity information. Having access to reports and historical activity information, can enable a business keep track of their documents, what services are being utilised the most, and who has accessed what documents. The latter being a useful security feature for businesses with sensitive information.

More than Document Access

CIMS can also be used for more than just accessing, retrieving and lodging documents and records. CIMS also provides customers with the ability to place orders for services like document delivery, destruction and imaging, to name a few. Users can also order storage materials such as boxes, cartons, destruction bins, scanners, and box barcodes.


CIMS was 100% developed in house by Compu-Stor, and we have a team who are dedicated to updates, new features and its security. CIMS can be customised to meet the individual technological needs and advancements of our customers.

One of the biggest benefits of the Compu-Stor CIMS is not a feature, it’s a feeling, and that is peace-of-mind.

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