About Us

Compu-Stor is a 100% Australian owned and operated family business specialising in information management.

Established in Perth in 1987, Compu-Stor has grown and changed to offer a wide range of document management and record digitisation services.

During its 30 years of operation, Compu-Stor has witnessed the consolidation or acquisition of most Australian records management businesses by large international corporations. Not only have Compu-Stor outlasted these companies, the business has grown and thrived, maintaining its success as a family owned business. Compu-Stor is one of the largest privately-owned information management companies in Australia.

The Compu-Stor story is one of change and innovation.

We are driven to transform and reinvent ourselves as technology evolves, allowing our services to be far beyond simple scanning and storage.

About Us

Just because physical document storage was our beginning, does not mean it’s our future.

Compu-Stor is continually evolving its services and product offerings to stay at the forefront of the industry and ahead of competitors.

Innovation and change are at the heart of the Compu-Stor business. We are always looking forward to see what’s next and drive our business to develop new and innovative products. These products continue to evolve new technologies and business practices, which very quickly become essential business tools for customers.

It is this innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that, in 2017, saw the launch of Digital Transformation Solutions, a division of Compu-Stor, which focuses on the transitioning of static document processes to a digital format, for use within internal systems that streamline and improve business processes.

Compu-Stor works with customers to provide customised and cost-effective solutions tailored to their needs.

About Us

Compu-Stor Values

Our values define who we are and how we operate. These values help guide us in how we approach our business decisions and our relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers.


History of Compu-Stor

The same year the West Coast Eagles made their debut and Scott married Charlene in Neighbours, Compu-Stor was first realised by Peter Manford, who had gained his experience working at Brambles Manford.

Brambles Manford was the result of a buyout of the original Manford family business by Brambles, who for a time operated under the Brambles Manford name.

Today, Peter’s sons, Jeremy and Robert, maintain full ownership and management of the business, guiding it through careful management of growth and expansion, as well as developing products and services to address the changing needs of records storage and information management.

For 20 years, Compu-Stor was a WA business, focusing on servicing the local growing Perth community. In 2007, Compu-Stor expanded operations to Victoria and eight years later the Sydney Compu-Stor facility was opened.