Secure Document destruction

Currently, there are around 80 Acts at both the State and Federal level which regulate document retention and destruction. Legislation is becoming stricter and safe record storage and destruction requirements are becoming increasingly stringent, with the onus on Australian businesses to ensure compliance.

The proper destruction of business information and documentation is an important part of maintaining customer confidentiality, as well as privacy for important business documents.

Don’t let your confidential records become a headline. 

Privacy and confidentiality are more important than ever before. The secure disposal of your sensitive business information and material is vital.

Compu-Stor offer secure, off-site solutions to take away your documents to our state of the art secure document destruction facilities, as well as bulk collections of documents for destruction. You can request in writing that archive boxes, files or data tapes held at our facilities be destroyed. All items held in storage may be allocated with a destruction review date, and reports providing details of items due for destruction are available via CIMS or directly from Compu-Stor. We also provide Certificates of Destruction upon request and confidentiality of all items is guaranteed.

Compu-Stor supply a range of purpose built receptacles for your ongoing destruction needs.

Destruction Bins

Compu-Stor's 240 litre wheelie bins are highly visible and provide a convenient method to collect documents. Bins may be exchanged on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis depending upon your requirements.

Disposable Office Cartons

The office carton destruction box is a unique service providing our customers with the ability to place documents to be destroyed directly into one of these boxes. The destruction box is clearly visible and has been designed for more convenient placement than the 240 litre wheelie bins.

Document Destruction Bags

Multi-walled paper bags are pre-sold in lots of six. These bags are ideal for the disposal of smaller quantities of documents.

From confidential paper documents to all types of media formats and miscellaneous items, Compu-Stor offers a comprehensive secure document destruction service in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.