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Compu-Stor took the time to understand
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Real Time Record
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Customer Service is
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Real Time Record Retrieval

Lodge, Search, Amend and Retrieve in real-time with CIMS by Compu-Stor

Spend less time searching and more time doing with efficient and immediate access to retrieve and use important data core to business operations and productivity.

Scanning Solutions

Imaging and scanning solutions to secure and manage your vital business records

Save time, space and money by converting your data to digital documents, managing them securely online and retrieving them when you need them.

Customer Service is our Priority

Customer service is what we pride ourselves on above all else

Compu-Stor’s family ownership and values demand that we deliver the highest level of customer service at every interaction.

Safe and Secure Facitlties

Your records, when you need them, protected safely for your eyes only

Store your documents offsite to save time, money and space while guaranteeing the highest levels of security with our storage and delivery services.

Who we are

Compu-Stor is a 100% Australian owned and operated family business specialising in information management. Established in Perth in 1987, Compu-Stor has grown and changed to offer a wide range of document management and record digitisation services. Compu-Stor is the largest privately-owned information management company in Australia.

At Compu-Stor we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of evolving business trends and expanding our service offerings to meet changing customer needs, as well as technological innovation. This drive and passion can be seen in the way our services have evolved in our records management business over the years.

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who we are

Digital Transformation Solutions Powered by Compu-Stor

Digitising paper based workflows into business processes to improve business efficiencies and compliance/risk management as well as cut costs and save time.

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18 September 2018
Department of Justice NSW has appointed Compu-Stor as their preferred supplier for records management services. At Compu-Stor, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of evolving business trends and expanding our service offerings to meet cha...
11 September 2018
How internal processes and good records management can play a critical role in lifting the professional reputation of the insolvency industry. Any professional who appears to be making a living out of others’ distress will sooner or later have to ...
27 August 2018
One of the main concerns with offsite document storage is the retrieval of records when they are needed in a time critical manner. Compu-Stor have the room to store your records and the systems to make sure that you can identify and locat...
16 August 2018
Access to accurate records for operational and strategic reasons is important for businesses, as professional, accountable and reliable records management can enhance your overall productivity, efficiency and security. A strategic approach to infor...