All of Compu-Stor’s document storage facilities are fully fenced and secured with intercom and security camera access at the main entrance gate and other gates throughout the main driveway to control intruder access. All visitors are required to sign a register both coming in and leaving, and to wear a visitor’s badge while on the premises and a hi-visibility safety vest when in the operations area. Compu-Stor’s premises are also monitored 24 hours a day by an independent security company.

Our new facility was built with a number of additions to reduce our environmental impact. We have rainwater tanks to provide water to our bathrooms and kitchen, and the facility utilises solar power. We designed the building to let plenty of natural light into both the office and warehouse, and all electrical lighting throughout the facility is powered by motion sensors and timers to minimise the usage of electricity. We also planted a drought resistant garden with plenty of mulch to reduce our water usage.

Compu-Stor is able to provide a working area to enable clients to do onsite work in a completely secure environment where internet access, computers, printers, and all other services required for onsite viewing and inspection are provided. Compu-Stor is aware of the sensitive nature of archives. From paper to electronic data, all care is taken to store the items in the most appropriate conditions to suit each individual item and prolong the life of the item as long as possible. Flooding or water damage is controlled by keeping the items off the floor, and pests are controlled by way of traps and deterrents which are regularly maintained by a reputable licensed pest control specialist.

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The safety of your records is of paramount importance to us.

To ensure the safety and integrity of your information, the following measures have been put in place.

Entry into our premises is strictly monitored and controlled. Visitors are allowed entry to the site only after their identity and purpose is verified. Visitors to Compu-Stor are required to carry an identification pass and are escorted by Compu-Stor personnel at all times. Furthermore, our premises are totally protected against intrusion by the way of secure perimeter fencing and entrance is by way of controlled security gate. State of the art electronic alarm systems are linked to a reputable monitoring company via the mobile data net with a landline back-up. The security systems are monitored 24 hours per day and arrangements are in place for rapid patrol guard response.

Fire Systems

We utilise advanced early warning smoke detection and fire suppressant systems, with direct interface with the local Fire Brigade. Each of our warehouses have this system installed for maximum protection against fire. All fire fighting equipment, including fire reels and extinguishers required by relevant Australian standards, are installed in all our facilities and our employees are fully trained in their use. Electronic system and fire fighting equipment is regularly inspected and maintained by an authorised fire company.


All Compu-Stor employees must comply with our security requirements that include signing a deed of confidentiality at time of recruitment. Our staff selection criterion states that all applicants regardless of their position must obtain a Federal Police Service clearance prior to recruitment. Employees are thoroughly trained in all aspects of privacy and confidentiality regarding data protection. We have in place a privacy policy which properly addresses the principles of the Australian Government privacy legislation.