• View your records online
  • No capital expense
  • Browser based – access anywhere, anytime
Compu-Stor’s CIMS Online (“CIMS-OL”) links electronic documents directly to the corresponding record information in CIMS, enabling customers to log on and search for a file, and then instantly download it. This unique ability allows our customers to use one system to manage both their physical and electronic records without having to invest in any new hardware, software or IT personnel.

CIMS-OL stores files in Microsoft Open XML file format, allowing storage and management of multiple file formats. This allows a single document to consist of multiple single files. PDF and TIF documents are commonly supported and used by our customer base, and we have the ability to store and maintain Microsoft Office file formats.

CIMS-OL files are stored on our own Data Centre, giving our customers the peace of mind that their information is not going overseas.

  • No additional infrastructure costs
  • Unlimited user access and storage space
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Secure storage and password protection safeguards sensitive information
  • Further security includes protected access, encrypted content and audit trails
  • Build a comprehensive document index and track user access and usage