• Safe and secure – we have been a trusted business since 1987
  • Custom-built facilities – designed for records management
  • Accountability – we treat your records as if they were our own
  • Tailored solutions – every customer is different, so we adapt our solution to you
Secure document storage is becoming an increasing problem for business, and can present a variety of obstacles linked to the ongoing secure storage of documents and data.

Archives simply take up too much valuable room that you could allocate to resources that are more productive. Businesses often don’t have room available in their offices, and resort to storing important records in unsuitable locations, exposing them to harmful environmental conditions and security risks.

Another problem that businesses run into is finding records when you need them. If boxes have been stored with no system in mind, and little to no cataloguing or indexing, locating the right document can be a frustrating and time-consuming exercise, and waste valuable staff resources.

Compu-Stor’s record protection services can make light work of these concerns. We have the room to store your records now and in the future, and the systems to make sure that you can identify and locate your documents quickly and easily. You can rest easy knowing that we protect your records from environmental risks, and provide complete security by reinforced 2.5m fencing, security gates, CCTV and restricted swipe card access.


Archive Box Storage


We store archive boxes in long-span, high-rise metal shelving within custom-built warehouses that meet and exceed industry standards of cleanliness, security, fire protection and pest control.

We assign a unique identifying barcode to every box to make sure that we can find it easily and identify it instantly. Our barcoding system also gives you an added layer of security – your boxes are randomly placed throughout our entire warehouse!

We can also assign a unique barcode to files within archive boxes, giving our customers an extra level of detail and information for every record.


Open Shelf File Storage


Storing files loose eliminates the need to purchase archive boxes and speeds up the refile process, enabling a more efficient service. We assign a unique barcode to every file, and open shelf file storage is ideal for high‐volume, active files.