• Secure – custom-built vault storage with restricted access
  • Online Management – manage your own data backups
  • Quick turnaround – we are always here when you need us
What would the implications be for your business if your server crashed, and the data from your computer systems was unrecoverable?

Most businesses today back up their computer systems to avoid the crisis associated with such an event, and to minimise the inconvenience and financial costs of having to re-enter all the lost data.

But where do you store your backup media? The information on your backup tapes is critical to the ongoing effectiveness of your business, so shouldn’t you protect it against theft, damage and exposure to harmful environmental conditions? ISO accreditation guidelines on disaster recovery processes also recommend that businesses store backup data at a recognised and approved storage provider.

Compu-Stor’s storage facilities include a purpose-built digital media vault that we constructed from double-reinforced concrete and include security features such as:

  • Climate controlled and monitored to 21degrees Celsius and 40% humidity
  • Dual air-conditioning units that alternate daily to reduce their workload
  • Four-hour fire rating on external doors
  • Chubb FM-200 gas suppression fire systems
  • Secure swipe card access that is restricted to authorised personnel
  • Electronic alarm systems that are monitored 24/7

We don’t just store backup tapes and media in our vault. Many companies use it to store other forms of electronic media, including VHS tapes, CDs, seismic tapes, DATs and even 9-track reels.
Compu-Stor can also implement a data back up rotation service. We ensure the prompt and efficient delivery of the backup media to your premises, no matter whether it is a daily, weekly, monthly or ad-hoc schedule.

The safety of your data is paramount, so we deliver all media in cases constructed from durable hardwearing plastic. All cases have metal locking clasps and reinforced metal corners, and provide further protection with internal foam padding and insulation.