From Creation to Destruction, Compu-Stor has a Records Management Service for all businesses large and small

Compu-Stor provides customers with enduring, innovative records management solutions, ranging from physical document storage through to document imaging and scanning services. All physical and electronic document management services offered are ISO 9001:2008 compliant.


  • Document  Imaging and Scanning Services

Compu-Stor can design and tailor a imaging and scanning solution for all customer requirements from large back scanning projects to one off solutions.

  • Leading edge equipment featuring state of the art imaging technology for pristine document scanning.
  • Document Imaging captures all types of detailed information in a range of formats and resolutions
  • Different colour tones: from black and white, varying grey scales to colour
  • Scanning at all industry resolution standards, from 100dpi to 600pdi and higher
  • Scan OnDemand – web access system to view all records online, at anytime of the day or night
  • Electronic or document storage is secure, simple, easily accessible and backed-up to an offsite location

Secure and Confidential Document Storage and Retrieval

  • Secure vault room for sensitive documents
  • Barcode driven management system
  • Web based tracking and retrieval system

Data Storage for Electronic Media

  • Temperature and Humidity Controlled Media Vault
  • Disaster Recovery and Computer Back-Up Services
  • Computerised Cataloguing System – including specialised fields for seismic well and mine data

Other Services

  • Confidential Document and Electronic Media Destruction
  • General Pallet Storage
  • Storage of Core and Soil Samples
  • Supply of High Quality Archive, Plan and Tape Boxes
  • Document Imaging and Microform Services
  • Tape Copying, Rotation & Back-Up
  • Plan Printing and Reproduction


Site Inspection

We are proud of our facilities and invite you to visit our premises. Our document imaging offices, warehouses, vault floors, data media vault rooms and document scanning stations are spotlessly maintained and are designed for the optimum protection of your records.


Come in and see for yourself.